Energy Management System: ISO 50001 (UKAS)

The Energy Management System according to ISO 50001 is an extraordinary tool available to companies and Public Administrations to monitor the energy performance of processes, equipment and buildings. A carefully implemented system can bring significant savings in the energy use: this leads to an immediate economic benefit and a reduction in the risk associated with fluctuations in the costs of gas, oil derivatives and electricity. Furthermore, by keeping under control the consumption anomalies of the production processes, the average life of the machines is lengthened and the risks of accidents are reduced.

An Energy Management System is based on the regular energy diagnosis, during which the organization evaluates its own consumption parameters with those of its sector, identifies the possibilities for improvement and performs a cost / benefit evaluation of the identified operations. At the same time, energy prices are evaluated with the possibilities offered by the market to make savings through more advantageous contracts. Based on the diagnosis results, the organization sets its objectives, plans the interventions and monitors the outcomes.

Thanks to the savings achieved, ISO 50001 certified organizations can directly access the White Certificates mechanism, an incentive system that can considerably increase the economic return on investments in energy efficiency.

The recent Energy Efficiency Decree 102/2014 provides that large companies and ISO 50001 energy-certified companies are not required to submit to ENEA the result of mandatory energy diagnoses since 2015.


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